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Bossy keeps its eye on the grain

By being the first to bring a grain and fruit mix based on the original Swiss muesli recipe to the breakfast table, Bossy democratized a deliciously healthy food with many benefits.

A century later, Bossy is still selecting its cereal grains in French-speaking Switzerland. The company’s specialties have become classics. But Bossy also knows how to innovate to meet the desires of consumers who share its dedication to authentic and natural products.

Bossy Céréales SA

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Made in Cousset (Fribourg), Switzerland, from carefully selected local ingredients, Bossy cereals respond to a widespread desire to change eating habits, and to buy responsibly and locally.


Prepared from cereal grains and certified organic ingredients, Bossy mueslis are a naturally healthy food source with many benefits. The new vegan mueslis similarly meet the expectations of a fast-growing consumer group.

Green energy

Bossy owes much to nature, which has been the source of its raw materials since the beginning. So it is only natural that the company is committed to the environment and offsets the effects of its production by installing solar panels. Bossy’s short supply chains and its loyalty to its region of origin also reflect this genuine concern for the environment.

No added sugar

Because Bossy considers the nutritional benefits of its products as essential, they are made without added sugar and with as little processing as possible. They provide a source of energy and well-being that is 100% natural.