Russia and Ukraine are major suppliers of essential foodstuffs such as wheat. Although Bossy Céréales is mainly supplied with domestic wheat from Switzerland, the war is having a serious impact on the supply of wheat and the price of wheat could double.

On the factory side, Bossy Céréales’ new production lines are almost complete. This is a new start following a fire that destroyed the old premises in 2016. The factory will be inaugurated on 10 May. Bossy Céréales specialises in the manufacture of textured vegetable protein (PVT), which can be used as a cereal-based meat substitute. Major investments in research and development have made it possible to develop and market these revolutionary new products, which can be used in both the baking and meat industries.

With production on the rise, Bossy Céréales’ ambition is to grow from 24 to 40 employees by the end of the year.

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RTS - La matinale du 27.04.2022 (in French)

by Swiss Television Romandy (RTS)

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