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Creating together since 1852

R&D is at the center of the attention. We have more than 150 years of experience in the development of products and have invested massively in our production facility over the last few years striving to be in line with today’s industry standards and expectations.

We strive for healthier product ranges for consumers on a daily basis. This is not only the quality of our breakfast cereals that matter but what we can offer to further come up with USP products on the market.

As such, optimizing existing products and creating innovative and unique ones is a continuous process at Bossy.

We do not only cover breakfast cereals segment, we meet the needs and expectations of the industry by providing them with ingredients according to their specifications and custom made product developments.

One of the common challenges with rising economic growth is that of increased resource consumption. We are also specialized in alternative protein solutions in the form of textured vegetable proteins which represent the meat substitute of tomorrow, a sector and related technologies in which our company has invested heavily over the past 2 years.

We closely follow food trends and their evolution on the global market to be able to offer our business partners and industry players complex products in line with targeted applications on the market and which meet the expectations of their customers.

Our multidisciplinary team covers many sectors from the food industry to research and nutrition. All of our products and in-house developments are based on scientific evidence providing consumers with proven and reliable added value.

With the completion of our new factory in 2021. Our company will be among the leading producers of cereals and plant based proteins in Switzerland.


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